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Virtual Art Book Fair

Rafaël Rozendaal Exhibition


The field of graphic design contains powerful tools to seduce, narrate and direct the paths from which we navigate our everyday life. This presents graphic design as a mediator – a keystone for bridging motivations, sectors and societal groups. While such considerations come to mimic corporate realms of innovation and technocratic developments, they also reflect the importance of a critical graphic design vocabulary. With this in mind, we direct a focus to graphic design projects that dare to explore the ways of forming, triggering and parasiting communication solutions.

For TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR fanfare presents, Unlearn, Display, Connect – a reflection of the working attitudes and explorative ways of publishing detected in- and around fanfare.

Unlearn, Display, Connect

Around us, we detect a matrix of graphic design initiatives reacting to their temporary contexts and society of norms. Embedded in this observation are international influences, financial conditions and institutional traces.
Unlearn, Display, Connect presents different discussions supported by a visual vocabulary of recent graphic design projects. These projects tend to strive for cultural value over economic gain. Through communication networks and knowledge infrastructures, they generate frameworks for learning, displaying, and connecting. The fundament of fanfare likewise finds its place in these values.


In what way may we define Dutch graphic design? And how is this reflected in the working conditions that surround us? While the roots of Dutch graphic design and printmaking goes way back, it is tempting to reflect on the notion of “Dutch graphic design” today. In the light of technological efficiencies and digital adaptation, what used to be classified as “Dutch” design is perhaps increasingly becoming a slippery term. In setting out to curate the section for the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR, we do not consider it the task to paint a Dutch landscape of the graphic design scene – nor do we believe that anyone can fulfil that job.


fanfare is a platform and design studio for collaboration and developments within graphic design. As a platform fanfare encourages awareness of exploratory approaches on visual imagery and cross-disciplinary design methodology. Through design direction and curation fanfare collaborate with a diverse set of people, peers, educational programmes, institutions, museums, and platforms.


The fanfare contribution is generously supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Creative Industries Fund NL